It has been over 4 since Asher Roth famously came out of the closet and announced he was the gay rapper that Terrence Dean was about to release a book on titled, “Hiding in Hip Hop”. His manager and team quickly made Roth dismiss the claim as a joke.


Roth had to fire his long time best friend and hype man because he was too “open” according to Roth’s new label, Def Jam. Roth put out a few projects, but never gaining any major attention. After Frank Ocean came out in 2012 to a ton of success, Roth wanted to share in the happiness(gayness?).

Now Roth is here with new single confirming that he is indeed gay. Apples and Bananas is a video that showcases a model who is suppose to be Transexual hip hop dancer, Sidney Starr, and the meaning of the song, “Eating Apples and Banana’s” is a reference to “gay oral sex”. *(Reports from Asher’s camp say it wasn’t Sidney Starr, but another transexual that Asher picked)